At Henners, we believe in more than just producing remarkable sparkling wines; we champion the instants that make life truly special. Whether it’s raising a glass to love, to friendship, or to the sheer joy of life’s occasions, our wines are the perfect accompaniment to unforgettable moments. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our effervescent creations are crafted to transform any moment into a cherished memory.

Our Story

Henners is one member of a family of wineries with roots across the world. We draw inspiration from our sister vineyards in France, Italy, South Africa and New Zealand while celebrating the ‘Englishness’ that makes our wines special. Established in the early 2000’s, our winery can be found in the picturesque village of Herstmonceux, East Sussex on the south coast of England.  Only 5 miles from the English Channel, our vineyard thrives on a strong coastal influence, with sea breezes that bring a crisp salinity and personality to our wines. 


We have continued to evolve and expand, increasing our winery size in the last few years and introducing new wines and grape varieties to our line up.  Our mission now and for the future is to continue to create remarkable wines for those special moments you will cherish for ever. We don’t want the wines to ‘be the occasion’, we just want to be part of it. Cheers to the memories!



From grape to glass, our team’s dedication to honouring tradition while simultaneously embracing innovation defines our range of award-winning English still and sparkling wines. As proud founding members of Sustainable Wines of Great Britain, we remain steadfast in our dedication to quality and sustainability.


We work with a network of grape growers across the South East of England to source the finest fruit bringing together a mix of terroirs and climates which allow us to produce excellent wines year after year. As is normally the way, a French winemaker described this approach most romantically – “If you are playing the piano and only have three keys, you limit the tune you can play. By adding more keys, the greater the options and the more beautiful the tune you have available”… Our growers and their vineyards are the extra keys and are vital to the tune we play.